Client installation

Getting started with ELTMaestro


The ELTMaestro sandbox software requires two components to function: the Windows-based client to manipulate your data and the server (running inside the sandbox) to execute your query.

The ELTMaestro virtual machine contains following applications pre-installed.

  • ELTMaestro Server

  • ELTMaestro Hadoop Agent

  • Apache Hadoop with spark

The Windows Client is installed separately.

Please note that this is not an ideal configuration for production use and is intended for testing purposes only.

Installation Prerequisites:

  1. Oracle VirtualBox Used to run the ELTMaestro sandbox

  2. ELTMaestro Sandbox Image for VirtualBox The ELTMaestro sandbox environment.

  3. ELTMaestro Windows Client Used to interact with the ELTMaestro server.

Part 1: Client Installation

  • Launch the installer

  • Click run on the security window. (Your security window may look different from the one below, but in general, you will receive a warning that the software is unsigned, and an option to install it anyway.) Since this is a beta, and development is proceeding rapidly, the client will be unsigned until release.

  • Complete the installer

Part 2: VirtualBox

  • Install VirtualBox from the link provided.

  • Launch Oracle VirtualBox

  • Click [File] -> [Import Appliance]

  • Browse/Select downloaded .ova file then click [Next]

  • Click [Import]

Step2: Before launch: Configure Virtual Machine Required

  • Select VM and click [Settings]

  • Select [System] on left panel

  • On [Motherboard] tab set base memory to 8192MB or higher. (If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM for you to set the base memory to 8192MB, set it as high as possible. 4096MB will probably work, below that, things get iffy.)

  • On [Processor] tab set processor count to 4 (ideal) or higher. Recommended processor count is 4 but if your system only has 2 then set it to 2.

  • Click [Start] to launch Virtual Machine

  • On Virtual Machine Console

  • Note: Click anywhere on console to start using it. Right-Ctrl key to get mouse control back.

Step3: Begin Using Sandbox

It may take few minutes after server has started for all applications to initialize. A log file is updated when the services start during startup. For debugging purpose you can check contents of log file /tmp/sandbox.log

The last line on log file should contain "********* Spark Submit [Found]"

  • Launch ELTMaestro Windows Client application.

  • Server: localhost

  • Port: 8181

  • User Name: eltmaestro

  • Password: ELTMAESTRO

  • Click [Login] to start using ELTMaestro Client

Default SSH Credentials

User Name Password
root welcome123
hadoop welcome123

You can use ssh client like Putty to connect to the sandbox by connecting to localhost on port 2222 using above credentials

Default ELTMaestro Windows Client Login

User Name Password
eltmaestro ELTMAESTRO

Hadoop Web Access (Using Web Browser Like Chrome/FireFox)

URL Type
http://localhost:50070/ Hadoop Service
http://localhost:8088/ Hadoop Applications
http://localhost:50090/ Secondary Name Node
http://localhost:50075/ Data Node

Shut Down Procedure

  • SSH Login as user [root]

  • Run Following Commands

su - hadoop -c "/home/hadoop/scripts/"


Start Up Procedure

ELTMaestro and Hadoop related services are set to automatically start when Sandbox Virtual Machine reboots. It may take few minutes for all services to come online after server has been started.

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